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This course will guide you thru the typical business processes & application features. This course will learn both the Agriware Business Central AND the Agriware Operations settings & processes.

You will learn how to manage employees and their availability, roster, working times & absence.

Register time per activity and employee with the Agriware Operations Time app.

Learn how to check, correct, and approve the registered time on employee worksheets per day and week. Last but not least, learn how to deal with overtime and auto-apply overtime labels on the employee worksheets.

This course contains both the concept explanation, examples of the common business processes and the setup of required master data. 

Employee & Capacity
  • Labor pattern & working time
  • Employment agencies
  • Absence planning & roster


Mobile Time Registration

  • Time tracking per activity & products
  • Time attendance clocking & breaks
  • Time registration logbook


Process Registered Time
  • Employee time sheets
  • Check, correct & approve hours
  • Process daily & weekly time sheets 

Manage Overtime

  • Overtime labels & calculation rules
  • Overtime rates and percentages
  • Time-For-Time compensation


Application management
  • Time app user experience & behavior
  • Base setup & best practice tips



   Agriware 365 Business Central
   (BC17 or higher)

   Production Manager / Supervisors / 
   HR staff / Worksheet Approvers

   200-400 hour approx.


  • Application Onboarding Course
  • Access to a Agriware 365 Business Central system
  • Access to a Agriware 365 Operations Time App

   100% e-learning based

   999 EUR per user subscription*

* 3 months access OR Unlimited access & updates with 20% annual fee.


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