Agriware Training: Vegetable Young Plants

This course will guide you thru the typical business processes & application features based on the Agriware Business Process Model for Young Vegetables Propagators.

Learn how to enter customer specifications on sales orders and how to plan, manage and execute young plant production jobs. Typical things like location area capacity, labor activities and how to finish your production jobs with Agriware are included. 

Course modules

This course is based on the vegetable young plant business process model developed by the Mprise Agriware organization.

Sales Management

  • Align Made-To-Order Customer specs
  • Handle Grafting & Rootstock
  • Pots, Blocks & Pinching
  • Plant Age & Density
  • Seed Delivered by Customer
  • Extra Applications & Charges
  • Prepare & Send Confirmation
Production Planning
  • Job Planning, release & merge
  • Plan required material & seed
  • Plan required labor & machines
  • Plan area (space) capacity
  • Pre-Calculated Production Costs
Production management
  • Plan, assign work orders
  • Register work order results
  • Finish job production results
Purchase management
  • Requisition of materials
  • Send purchase order confirmation
  • Handle rejection & complains

Inbound Logistics & Receive

  • Receive purchased material
  • Warehouse Store & Pick (seeds)

Production Management

  • Prepare & Assign Activities
  • Register specific YP activities
  • Approve & post work results

Outbound Logistics 

  • Pick ordered young plants
  • Plan outbound transportation
  • Ship & Monitor delivery

Financial Management

  • Prepayment - AVAILABLE IN 2022!
  • Account Payable: invoice & payment
  • Accounts Receivable: invoice & payment



   Agriware 365 Business Central
   (BC17 or higher)

   Sales / Purchase / Finance staff
   Inventory / Warehouse / Logistic staff
   Production / Planning / Labor / Area staff

   60-80 hour approx.


Video Subtitles: 
   Spanish | English


  • Application Onboarding Course
  • Agriware Sales I course
    (included & recommend for key-users)
  • Agriware Production I course
    (included & recommend for key-users)
  • Access to a Agriware 365 system
    (additional: ask for our training database)

   100% e-learning based
   User will also get access to Sales I & Production I training content.

   2.499 EUR per user subscription*

* 6 months access OR unlimited access & updates with direct purchase of 20% maintenance on the standard purchase price

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