Agriware Training: Inspection Management

In this course, you will learn how to setup, plan, register and process inspections of any kind with Agriware Business Central AND the mobile Agriware Operation inspect app.

Typical things like how to add notes, pictures, videos, and other inspection related data are included. Also, the setup of your own specific inspection elements and data which should be available in the mobile inspect app are part of this course.


Inspection Basics
  • Business Processes & Concepts
  • Inspection templates
  • Workflow & Follow-up


Job & Product Inspections

  • Pre-planned inspections
  • Ad-hoc inspections
  • Register photo's & video's
  • Register notes
  • Process inspection results


Examples Job Inspections
  • Quality inspection
  • Plant growth & measure report 
  • Desease inspection
  • Yield & Production update 

Examples Product inspections

  • Scout new varieties (at a breeder)
  • Monitor new varieties
  • Trial & testing results 


Application management
  • Set up new Agriware Operation App
  • Available data & fields for App user
  • Synchronization of data BC<>App



   Agriware 365 Business Central
   (BC17 or higher)

   Production Manager / Field Inspector
   Disease Scouting / Assortment & Variety
   Scouting / Breeding trial specialist

   40-60 hour approx.



  • Application Onboarding Course
  • Access to a Agriware 365 Business Central system
  • Access to a Agriware 365 Operations Inspect App

   100% e-learning based

   999 EUR per user subscription*

* 3 months access OR unlimited access & updates with direct purchase of 20% maintenance on the standard purchase price

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