Agriware Training: Sales II

This course is an addition on the Sales I course and will guide you thru the common sales related processes & features of the application. You will learn how to manage your sales processes and support your customer journey with Agriware.


Manage Sales Forecast

  • Sales order entry
  • Percentage break-down on main item
  • Import & Export with Excel

Manage Sales Opportunities (Qualification & Acquisition)

  • Order opportunity entry
  • Follow-up on sales cycle stages & closing win/lose
  • Convert to quote & order
  • Dashboard & pipeline and opportunity values

Manage Sales Contracts (Blanket Orders)

  • Blanket order management & period based ‘delivery schemes’
  • Sales orders based on contracts & mass creation of orders
  • Monitor sales blanket order progression

Manage Sales Quote (draft order)

  • Create a sales quote
  • Send quote to customer
  • Confirm & convert quote into sales order

Manage Drop Shipments

  • Drop shipment entry & basics
  • Processing the sales & purchase orders
  • Auto & manual creation of purchase orders

Manage Claims & Complaints

  • Customer complaint basics
  • Follow-up on complaints by person or team
  • Approval process & authorization
  • Credit memo process for complaint claims



   Agriware 365 Business Central
   (BC17 or higher)

  Sales & Account team members / Ship & Invoice staff

   60-80 hour approx.


Video Subtitles: 
   Spanish | English

   Application Onboarding Course.
   Agriware Sales I course
   Access to an Agriware 365 system
   (optionally, ask for our training database)

   100% e-learning based

   999 EUR per user subscription*

* 3 months access OR unlimited access & updates with direct purchase of 20% maintenance on the standard purchase price

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