Agriware Training: Production II

This course will guide you thru the more advanced job production related processes & features.

You will learn how to apply job costing and WIP (work in process) on your production processes and how to plan and register the direct & indirect cost components.

Also this course will learn you about production forecasting with production scenario's, crop treatments (chemical, biological & fertilization), enridge your processes with extra information with property fields.

Besides these topics, there are many more small topics, actions and features in this advanced training course for Agriware. 



Production costing

  • Planned & actual costs on jobs
  • WIP (Work In Process) financial G/L posting
  • Direct costs: Material, labor, machine
  • Indirect costs: Area, Energy and Overhead
  • Week square area costs calculation

Production management
  • Production forecasting & scenario planning
  • Job sorting and grading 
  • Chemical, biological & fertilization crop treatments
  • Additional job actions to improve efficiency

Master data management
  • Enridge process information with properties


   Medior / Advanced

   Agriware 365 Business Central
   (BC17 or higher)

   Production / Planning / Finance staff

   60-80 hour approx.


Video Subtitles: 
   Spanish | English

   Application Onboarding Course.
   Agriware Production I
   Access to a Agriware 365 sandbox system
   (Optionally, ask for our training database)

   100% e-learning based

   999 EUR per user subscription*

* 3 months access OR Unlimited access & updates with 20% annual fee.

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